Simple Flash Filter Generator:

This application shall help you to generate the code for your filters in Flash.

Your can try the sample-version online or simply download the AIR-application with all features.

Have fun!

Try it online:

Online-Filter-Generator (less features)

For questions and comments please use the forums or the contact link.

Download AIR-Version (current build: v1.3):

If you don't want to use the install badge, you can also simply download
the AIR file


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New in v1.3:

- Generate class code for your filters in AS2 as well as in AS3

- Fixed a bug regarding filterproperties when resizing the preview

- Added a "Restore Defaults" function for each filter to reset them seperately

- Added fullscreen mode

- Added dragging feature for the object in the preview window

- Added keyboard shortcuts for the main functions

- Added program help

- Added function for saving the code as file (class or simple .as file)

- Added possibility to enter each property value via keyboard

- Adjusted strength sensitivity to .1 instead of 1

- Added function to toggle preview size

- Now with signed code (thank you Adobe!)



Please report all BUGS you may encounter to: